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While Divan continues to supply shops in and around Yorkshire, Lancashire and the Midlands, with its fleet of refrigerated vehicles, it now has wholesalers distributing its products to fast food outlets across the whole of the UK.

The company also ensures that its non-food partners, such as transport companies and label makers, meet its exacting standards. Divan places great emphasis on high-quality products, bought from specific approved halal suppliers: the company won’t compete on price if there is any chance it could jeopardise quality and reliability. 

Stock levels are kept high so that there is little likelihood of running out of a product and letting a customer down. Indeed the company will only deal with suppliers who are reliable and can provide them with raw materials over the long-term. All staff are fully trained to achieve continuously high standards in operation and hygiene throughout the production process. 



The company’s on-site Quality Control Manager ensures that all raw ingredients, processing and final product delivery of the Doner kebabs meet the required level of quality, and the maintenance of a strict hygiene policy and quality control has awarded the company EEC and UK approval. With the variety of cultures and tastes across the market, Divan has developed a number of different recipes for different markets, from Asia and the Middle East to the UK. In Ireland, for example, the company has found that the taste is for milder spices in the kebab meat. All kebab meat is supplied in weights from 5kg to 40kg per block.

HMC standards are assured at Divan Meat Product. At Divan Meat Product we provide all of our customers with high-quality Doner Kebab.


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